HAMESHAKEM is a limited company owned by the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Services and the World Zionist Organization

The Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Services serves as the supervisor of vocational rehabilitation processes

The HAMESHAKEM company specializes in occupational rehabilitation of people with disabilities and the company’s goal is to provide training and preparation processes for integration in the world of work
As part of the rehabilitation processes in the company, emphasis is placed on occupational skills and interpersonal skills, as well as training and empowerment processes
HAMESHAKEM has 21 factories, 6 sewing shops, 40 gardening teams and about 1,200 employees with disabilities, working in various organizations in the country
HAMESHAKEM employees ensure strict compliance with customer requirements, provide quality products and services and provide added value to all parties involved in the process
In the respectable customer list of HAMESHAKEM – corporations from the business sector, public companies, the defense system, hospitals, medical centers and government ministries
The company operates in accordance with the belief that every person, wherever he is, has the right and the ability to exhaust his skills and abilities and earn a decent living from his hard work, while maintaining his dignity
HAMESHAKEM strives to be the leading company in the field of vocational rehabilitation and to integrate people with disabilities in any occupational framework, appropriate to their abilities